The Little Things with a NOT-SO-LITTLE Impact

Within my first few months of experience in the recruitment industry, particularly on the temp side, there are many rookie mistakes that I have seen candidates making during their process of applications and interviewing. Most are fairly obvious but considering how often it happens, it is questionable. Here are six simple yet extremely vital things that have stood out to me, among many that candidates may be overseeing:

The no contact number on resume

Unfortunately this is more common than should be with applications that come in. You may be sitting there wondering why after the 100’s of applications you have sent through, you haven’t received a single call. Sometimes it could come down to the simple fact that you’ve concentrated on making sure the rest of your resume looks spectacular, that you’ve left out the tiny little, but most important detail of contact details.

The voice-to-text voicemail

Technology is astounding nowadays but still at times, it is not such a good idea to rely solely on it – particularly when there is a job on the line. We live in such a multicultural community that there are a number of ways of pronouncing the number 5. If Siri get’s it wrong sometimes, surely your voice-to-text system would too! Solution – a functioning voice mail system where we can leave YOU a voice message to listen to what we are calling about.

The 10 second voice mailer

When I hit the 10 second voicemail of a candidate I am trying to follow up on their application for their potential dream job, I automatically think ‘Deep breath, get it all out ASAP!!!!’.  Einstein would back me up on this – 10 seconds may seem like a lifetime if your hand is sitting on a hot stove (not sure you should be in the kitchen to be honest if you do this), but 10 seconds for a voicemail is just not long enough! So get a proper voicemail system set up where we can get a sense of YOU when we hear your personalised voicemail and we can leave you a nice, RELAXED voicemail with a couple of breaths in between.

The NO voice mailer

The only thing worse than a 10 second voicemail, is a no second voicemail. The reason we are giving you a call is to potentially get you in for an interview and discuss opportunities that might be relevant to you, or have a chat to you about the job that you applied for. If we don’t catch you when we call, and there’s no way for us to leave a trace of who we are, it means we have to take more effort into trying to contact you by either sending you an e-mail, or trying our luck by calling you another time. It just isn’t worth the risk, so once again, get a sound voicemail system set up and if it’s your mom leaving you lengthy voicemails that you’re worried about, well it’s a small price to pay.

The late comer

It’s completely understandable that at times, certain unforeseen circumstances may make it extremely difficult to get to an interview on time – even for the most punctual lot of us. Road works, metros last minute changes and cancellations, four random broken down cars in the middle of the road over a 2km distance (happened to me last week!). But all you need to do in these circumstances is call and let us know so we can discuss options. It can mess up our whole schedule at times, particularly when we have a day full of other interviews scheduled and needless to say, does not make a very good first impression.

The no show

The reason you are coming in for an interview with us is obviously because you are on the job market and actively looking for a job. If you manage to secure a position between the time that we arranged for our interview and the actual interview, it’s simple courtesy to give us a call and let us know that you won’t be coming in. Once again, it doesn’t leave a good impression of yourself and if in the future you need to use our services again, it’s not a good way to develop a relationship.

So once again, these are small things that most people tend to oversee in the present, that can have a significant impact on their future career and employment prospects. So get it right now, to make sure you’re getting to that next step of your dream job!

by Mariessa Peiris

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