The Future of Work | Weekly Wrap-Up

This week has flown by at a cracking pace and saw our newest recruit Matilda Hubbard join the RR team. Matilda is almost through her HR undergrad which she will complete in several months’ time and brings with her some solid administrative support experience and a passion for recruitment.

Welcome aboard Matilda!

We joined the fabulous team at Wear for Success on Wednesday night for an evening of fun filled fundraising for this great cause. A big thank you goes out to GM, Jodie Tuckwell-Knight and her enthusiastic team for a great trivia night where once again we learnt just how much we do not know. Room for improvement!

I don’t know how I managed it but I also stole away from the office on Thursday morning to attend a Future of Work forum brilliantly put together by Maurice Blackburn and sponsored by Fairfax Media and Melbourne University among others to hear 8 expert views on the shape of our workforce to come.

“Robots, automation, AI, gig economies and contingent workforces are upheaving the workplace and workforce as we have known them, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With changes come new opportunities, new technologies, new consumer demands and emerging fields of work”

Panellists’ included Professor Beth Noveck, Michael Priddis, Dr Marianne Gloet, Anna Patty, Brent Thomas, Louise Davidson, Natalie James and MB’s very own CEO Jacob Varghese.

Daunting, yes, challenging, yes, riveting, yes and full of hope. The key takeaways for me were the future has arrived and rather that looking down the barrel of a workforce revolution the word emphasized by one key panellist, Michael Priddis CEO of Fathom was renaissance.  Investing in education but teaching students to think creatively, problem solve and collaborate, working in teams utilising specific experts to solve real world problems as spruiked by Professor Beth Noveck.

Using the very effective tool Slido attendees were able to submit questions throughout the forum for the experts to address in QandA style topics of which include the following:

  • What are some of the specific skills people need to have for the future digital economy?
  • With the excess of wealth in society is a global basic income the solution to the unemployment that automation will likely introduce?
  • With all the excess wealth in society is a global basic income the solution to the unemployment that automation is likely to introduce?
  • What about RTOs and TAFE sector? Do they have a bigger more important role for the future workforce?
  • How do we prepare our children for a workplace that we haven’t experienced?
  • What safeguards do we need to ensure that we share equally in the benefit of AI and machine learning? Are we in danger of the gap between rich and poor growing?
  • What are some of the hypotheses around the future of work that you can debunk?
  • With the gig economy and more start-ups than ever before, how do we ensure superannuation remains relevant?
  • What workplace law reforms are needed to safeguard workers as we respond to automation, digital disruption etc and the pace of Change?

These were just the tip of the iceberg and certainly not all answered definitively, or at all, but made for a fascinating and robust discussion as we all grapple with the acceleration of change as technology continues to disrupt the status quo.

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Current Permanent Jobs

  • Specialist Family Violence Capacity Building Advisor
  • Sales Centre Support Associate
  • Recruitment Support Administrator
  • HR Partner – Ipswich
  • Part Time Fundraising Bequests
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resource Partnering Lead
  • HR Partner (Mat Leave 15mth Contract)
  • Family Violence Team Leader
  • Event Coordinator
  • Appeals And Regular Giving Coordinator
  • Administration Officer/PA

A Word From The Temp Desk

This week has seen a new team member at Rusher Rogers and another busy week with our clients extending the assignments of our temp professionals and new assignments crossing the temp desk.

Our temp professionals have been interviewed by one of our Consultants, skill proficiency tested, working rights verified and fully referenced and we have an amazing offer for the month of August for new clients.

Book a temp professional for 3 days or more and the first 4 hours will be at no charge!

Mirleen Chinnery

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