The Art of Professional Communication

You are constantly being assessed by Recruiters, whether it is your communication over the phone, via email or even via text message. You should use the same professional approach regardless of the method of communication.

Recruiters will often send a follow up email or text message if unable to get through to a candidate on the phone, so it is important that your response is professional and clear.

This blog outlines the ways that you should be communicating with your Recruiter (or any other person in a professional situation), to ensure you are giving the best impression possible.


Most people know how to write a professional email but just in case, use these tips when writing an email:

  • Address the person correctly, using their name
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Use a proper sign off, with your full name

One line emails with no greeting or sign off are not the most professional way of communicating with your Recruiter especially if you’re trying to impress!

Phone call:

A lot of people get this wrong but it is very simple, so please follow these tips for making a professional phone call:

  • State your name, who you are calling for and why you are calling first and foremost
  • Know which job you are calling about and who you are calling for before you make the call
  • If you need to leave a message, be clear about your name, who the message is for and why you are calling

A Receptionist will always screen you before putting you through to the Recruiter and it is better that you are prepared and give the right information before they even have to ask, otherwise you’ll get asked a million questions.

If you have applied for a role and are expecting a call, please follow these tips:

  • Answer the phone with your name
  • Listen to what the person is calling about – sometimes candidates will cut off the caller because maybe they think it is a marketing call, but you’re not going to get a job that way!
  • If you cannot answer the phone, make sure you have a professional voice message so that the caller can leave a message
  • Make sure you return any phone calls as promptly as possible

You will also be assessed by the way you treat the Receptionist, so make sure you are always polite! If you are rude to the Receptionist, the Recruiter will find out about it and it makes for a poor impression.

Text message:

Recruiters will often send text messages if they can’t get through on a phone call. It is important to note, that recruitment systems have inbuilt sms systems that are often used to do this, rather than the Recruiter using their mobile phone. For example, at Rusher Rogers, when an sms is sent from our system we all receive any sms responses. Therefore it is important that you use the same format as an email when replying to a text message. Please use this format so that we all know who you are responding to, what the text message is about and who you are:

  • Address the person correctly, using their name
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Use a proper sign off, ideally using your full name

Whether your response is going to a joint mailbox like our sms system, or to a personal mobile phone, you should always be professional via text message. A professional message should ALWAYS address the right person and you should ALWAYS state your name.

Because mobile phones are now used so regularly for personal, casual conversations, maybe people forget how to be professional in that forum.

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