Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket | Weekly Wrap-Up

The Moral of the Week: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket We were all very hopeful last week – each of us purchased a lotto ticket for Thursday’s Powerball in the hopes of becoming millionaires but alas none of us won that huge $107 million Jackpot… Putting all our eggs in one basket […]

New Year’s Resolutions

The Cambridge Dictionary says that a New Year’s Resolution is “a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year”. Resolutions can be hard to come up with, but even harder to keep. With the aim of sticking to them, this […]

Pay Attention To The Little Things | Weekly Wrap-Up

Social media news feeds are teaming with generally sound advice as to how to tackle everything from your next career move, to 10 top tips on how to do everything from your resume to your interview/promotion/pay rise. There are so many resources to research how to approach just about anything when it comes to your […]

What Does 2019 Bring? | Weekly Wrap-Up

A short but extremely busy first week of the year. 2019 has started with gusto as we work with several clients who are keen to take advantage of quality candidates, many of whom are reconsidering their futures and choose this time to explore new opportunities. This annual trend tends to continue throughout January petering out […]

A Year in Review | Weekly Wrap Up

RRHR’s weekly wrap-up report on what’s happening in the world of RRHR, our clients, our candidates and the recruitment market. A Year in Review With 2018 all but over this year has moved at a cracking pace for all of us. Our Rusher Rogers year saw us settling in to our new digs on the […]

Merry Christmas | Weekly Wrap-Up

As the vast majority of our clients finished up on Friday, some of us are still keeping the wheels of industry turning including a skeleton staff at Rusher Rogers.  We have a number of projects keeping us busy over the festive holiday break, putting together shortlists for roles with January/February starts. It is such a […]

When It Rains It Pours | Weekly Wrap-Up

How about the weather last week? Our recent downpours have highlighted for me, a need to be reminded about what the proper etiquette is around the use of an umbrella. Living and working in London many years ago taught me that there is a definite code of behaviour around the use of one’s brolly in […]

5 Ways to Survive Your First Six Months as a Rookie Recruiter

The recruitment career path is certainly a rewarding one, being able to connect clients with their ideal candidates, and connecting candidates with their ideal jobs. In the beginning everything was daunting, being spat out of university and told to find a job where I would soon learn I would either sink or swim was something […]

Christmas Visits | Weekly Wrap-Up

With only two full working weeks to go before most head off for Christmas celebrations finishing up on Friday 21st December this year, there is a lot to cram in. We are recruiting for a broad range of roles (see below).  Some of these roles will be all tied up before the Xmas break and […]

Christmas Countdown | Weekly Wrap-Up

Only 3 full working weeks until most of us turn our focus to family, holidays and Christmas celebrations amongst other things. Most organisations seem to be unofficially or officially finishing up the calendar year from EOB Friday 21st December. Organisations are either completely closing for the holiday break or operating, (as we are), on a […]