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I have chopped and changed with regard what I was going to write about this week.  It started out with a Commonwealth Games theme. How awesome are those athletes and how fabulously successful has the combined format been watching both enabled and para athletes compete side by side.  I am inspired by the stories of how individual athletes overcome amazing odds just to compete and then the privilege of celebrating in their accomplishments albeit through the Channel 7 lens from the safety of the couch.


But I changed my mind because I decided that I was going to write about how I am no longer going to conduct 8:00am interviews!  Why you ask? Well because 50% of the so called professionals scheduled and confirmed to arrive, never do.  Extremely annoying and a complete waste of time but also a very poor reflection on those individuals’ personal brand.  PB was yet another topic that I wanted to explore and just how important it is.  Those little things that we let slip that may seem insignificant at the time, like not bothering to show up for an 8:00am interview, or cancelling 10 minutes before you are due to arrive, have an impact, especially in the eyes of a recruiter or hiring manager.

Then we were all very fortunate to attend the Maurice Blackburn Women’s Network breakfast en- masse where Natalie Hutchins MP, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Industrial Relations, Minister for Women and Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, (clearly a woman of action, nothing if not busy with this portfolio) was the guest speaker. She was interviewed very competently by Liberty Sanger and traversed topics of feminism, gender equality, affirmative action and so on.  One hell of the way to get a Wednesday started at an annual function that never fails to disappoint. Thank you MB!

But finally I settled on the importance of getting that first interview right when wanting to attract talented, in demand professionals to your organisation. There is nothing more frustrating having made a monumental effort of identifying, securing and getting the right talent excited about an organisation and a new role when they weren’t looking in the first place,  for their experience when meeting the organisation,  to be less than ideal.  The impression that they get is everlasting if the interview was unorganised, ill-prepared, confusing, rushed or half the people who were meant to be in attendance, mysteriously absent.  It’s not difficult to get it right but the impact of getting it wrong goes way beyond the initial candidate experience.

I am still doing 8:00am interviews BTW.

Talent Pool alert

After a significant recruitment project that focused on case managers, team leaders, careers  and social workers in the area of family violence, child protection and family solutions, we have a solid talent pool of experienced specialists in this high demand area. Please contact us if you need people with these skills and experience, we can help you find the right people. Click Here to see our video.

Perm Jobs

  • Executive Assistant
  • HR Advisor
  • HR Business Partner
  • Litigation Paralegal
  • Litigation Support Professional
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • On-Boarding Officer
  • Personal Assistant (Contract)
  • Personal Assistant / Admin Assistant
  • Senior Payroll Officer
  • Service & Support Specialist
  • Virtual Specialist (VIC)
  • Virtual Specialist (NSW)

And more…..

A word from our temp desk

It has been an interesting first full week back after Easter, which now seems like a long time ago.  It occurs to me that the nature of temp has really diversified in the past couple of years. Besides the contemporary last minute business service temp requirements we are now seeing a higher percentage of project and specialist assignments crossing the temp desk and often with longer durations.

Two particular temp roles spring to mind that we have filled in the past week. One was a HR Coordinator within the NFP Industry, another was Contracts Administrator within the building sector.  We also had a one day Board EA role, so a mixed and interesting array of roles, clients and candidates.

Available Temps:

  • An experience EA with a strong background within the Health Industry.
  • An Administrator with a rich career including Magazine Editor, Curriculum Development.
  • An HR Business Partner with a passion for Recruitment and anything HR related.

Of course we also have some amazing Receptionist, Customer Support and all round Office Support stars who are polished, focussed and ready to start on Monday. We keep attracting a building on what has become a diverse temp desk and looking to offer our clients and temps a solution that keeps everyone happy. Please contact me (Mirleen Chinnery) 03 9682 7044 or Mirleen@rrhr.com.au

Susie Rogers

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