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Personal brand is so important. Whether you are a recruiter, hiring manager or applicant, throughout the recruitment process all three participants are tested.  And usually it’s just the simple things, like returning a call, turning up on time or just turning up,  it’s giving feedback and saying or committing to what you said that you were going to do.  What this boils down to is working with all parties respectfully, honestly and with consideration of the other party…’s about knowing how you would prefer to be treated and applying this to their position.  Sam’s blog this week was very timely (see link):

I am more than aware that our sector has a poor reputation when it comes to these courtesies which are so so important when working with people wanting to make a major change in their life….a new job or for some, a job!  That’s  big for any of us and recruiters/hiring managers should not lose sight of this, but I know that with the past week or so that Sam, Claudia and I have had, has prompted a timely reminder about the importance of your personal brand especially as a job seeker.  Not returning phone calls, not showing up for interviews, going to ground effectively ‘ghosting’ your recruiter, when a simple phone call, email or text of explanation is all we need to move on.  Avoiding doing this makes an initial small but annoying thing into a big thing that will have an impact on your own personal brand and what that stands for.  It may not worry you now….there are plenty more opportunities out there I know, but one day it will resonate and that goes for all of us, recruiter, hiring manager and candidate.

Talent Pool alert

After a significant recruitment project that focused on case managers, team leaders, careers  and social workers in the area of family violence, child protection and family solutions, we have a solid talent pool of experienced specialists in this high demand area. Please contact us if you need people with these skills and experience, we can help you find the right people.

Perm Jobs

Part time EA for renowned inner city manufacturer (.6)
Part time member support specialist (property settlements) (.6)
On-boarding specialist for high growth tech co
HRBP for high profile university
Paralegal (Adelaide or Hong Hong)
Litigation Support specialist (Adelaide)
Front Desk receptionist for busy high profile law firm
Service & support specialist for online health tech co
Digital marketer
Team assistant to support exec team for high growth tech co
And more…..

A word from our temp desk

Over the years, our affinity with the NFP sector has grown and flourished; we are regularly contacted by talented candidates looking to break into the third sector. If you could use interim support where you work, get in touch with Samantha about temps today.

Susie Rogers

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