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Several weeks ago I wrote about the importance of managing your referee relationships which identified another topic around the importance of keeping your focus once you have handed your notice in.  This is critically important and can have a direct impact and lasting effect on your future reference either well or not so well.

Anecdotally many employers have torrid tales of employees turning off during their notice period. I’ve heard it all from not giving a considerate period of notice to using up all remaining sick leave during the notice period. Arriving late, taking long lunches, skipping off early, losing focus, leaving loose ends untied, lying about what has been done, giving a sloppy handover, not working as productively, to simply no longer caring with an “I’m outta here anyway” attitude.

While your head and passion may have shifted to your exciting new role, don’t forget that it was your current employer that allowed you to take that next step by giving you the time to fine tune all the skills and experience that your new employer hired you for.  Lack of focus as you exit your old job may have a lasting impression, irrespective of how long you have been there.  How you conduct yourself in that final 4 weeks is critical and in my view the mark of a person and how professional they are.  You see a person’s true colours in this period which is an important fact to remember.

We held another CTC event on Wednesday night and were well looked after by the good people at Trattoria Emilia in Gills Alley. A big thanks to all who attended, it was great to get yet another accomplished and certainly eclectic bunch of leaders together at the same table for a couple of hours and I really look forward to hearing of how those new connections start to flourish!  The next CTC will be in October.

Podcast Of The Week

It’s not exactly a podcast but I certainly found this an entertaining distraction on my commute, so in case you haven’t already seen the wombat mural in Warrnambool, click here.

Current Permanent Roles

  • HR Partner – Queensland
  • Executive Assistant
  • Event Coordinator
  • HR Partner – Mat Leave Contract
  • Human Resources Partnering Lead
  • Service & Support Specialist
  • Senior Payroll Officer
  • Fundraising Bequests
  • Specialist Family Violence Capacity Building Advisor
  • Family Violence Team Leader
  • Marketing Manager
  • Facilities Assistant
  • HR Advisor – Service Desk
  • HR Manager
  • Virtual Specialist
  • Appeals & Regular Giving Coordinator
  • Service Desk Analyst

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

A Word From The Temp Desk

When RR talks about “temp professional” ready…we mean that our temp professionals have been interviewed by one of our Consultants, skill proficiency tested, working rights verified and fully referenced. This week has again been focussed on continued growth of our “temp professionals ready for client assignments” We also have an amazing offer for the month of August for new clients. Book a temp professional for 3 days or more and the first 4 hours will be free of charge. Contact Mirleen!

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