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Well according to the BoM, it’s apparently the coldest start to winter in Melbourne for 36 years.  Dig in guys, only 11 weeks of winter to go!

During the week, Good Shepherd Microfinance’s survey was released indicating that a shocking one in four people are going without the basics.

Recommendations are being made about a $75.00 per week increase to the Newstart Allowance, just so people can make ends meet. Listening to the plight of a young Mum interviewed this week illustrated that many are doing it tough. This particular woman typically worked 60 hours a week in two casual roles. She is barely able to keep her head above water and has to prioritise the bills. When her young son is ill she does not get any personal leave to cover the time she needs to take out of work to care for him, but she still has to pay for child care and she’s not alone.

It’s hard to imagine this happening in Australia and yet organisations like Good Shepherd Microfinance, FoodBank and many other agencies spruik this all the time.  According to the Centre of Futurework the ‘paradox of rising underemployment and the growth in the number of hours worked’ continues to trend upwards and all this in the midst of a full time jobs boom which has had little or no impact on halting this trend or boosting wages.

On our own micro level we are experiencing strong growth in the perm market and this has been happening for some time. This growth has been across the board but more prolifically amongst our NFP clients where state government funding has contributed towards expanding programs in the community, health and allied health sectors where competition for talent and expertise is fierce.

These seemingly opposed employment trends make for a complex employment market where clearly not everyone is a winner.

The permanent roles we are currently working on are:

  • HR Administration Assistant
  • Senior Payroll Officer
  • Personal Assistant (Contract)
  • Business Development Manager
  • Virtual Specialist
  • Service & Support Specialist
  • HR Advisor
  • HR Manager

If you missed it during the week, click here to read Mirleen’s blog about improving your prospects and making the most out of your interview opportunity.

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Podcast of the Week

“The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter” with John Hollon from Recruiting Daily and Founder Caroline Stokes

A Word From the Temp Desk

Why hire a temp from a Recruitment Agency?

Agencies get paid to fill jobs, not book interviews, which means they will do all the qualifying for you.  The Recruitment Consultant will not only provide candidates with the best skill set and experience required, but also the best fit to your business.

A great Recruitment Agency will build long term partnerships with an approach to looking for long term solutions that work for your business.

If an employee is taking leave, planned or unplanned you can hire a temp to fill that crucial role and consider using this as an opportunity to screen that temp for other vacancies you might have coming up within your Organisation.

If that temp is a good worker, they work well with the team, and are willing, you might even want to cross-train them during their temp assignment to see if they’d be a good fit.

Rusher Rogers have fully qualified temps ready to start NOW. In most cases these temps are multi skilled and very experienced across multiple industries.

Contact Mirleen on 03 9682 7044 or

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