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Thursday 8th March – hopefully this is a date that will continue to resonate with men just as much as women for all the right, positive and progressive reasons that is its intention.  This year more than any other in my working memory it has really meant something or is gaining traction. There is a sense of progress that starts with acknowledging there is a problem in the first place…no kidding????  Certainly the #metoo campaign has shone a great big, bright, shiny, glaring light on what women have and continue to endure as inappropriate behaviour globally, not limited to the workplace of course, but with record levels of domestic violence predominantly perpetrated against women as well as many great conversations about the gender equality;  be that addressing pay gaps or greater gender diversity in leadership roles, the equality debate has gained momentum and the debate has been given air time during the past 12 months. Progress? We’ll see I guess. I am sure that International Women’s Day means something different to each of us.  As the mother of two independent and capable young women I want to shout this this out loud…I hope that you got your International Women’s day on ladies!!! To read more about International Women’s Day Click Here

This week, an enormous congratulations goes out to long term client Blamey Saunders hears upon the launch and subsequent release of #Facett, a local world first technology allowing better access to more convenient, affordable hearing aids that look more like a piece of high-end fashion jewellery that a hearing device: FACETT










We were very fortunate to attend the launch on Tuesday evening at RMIT

Talent Pool alert

After a significant recruitment project that focused on case managers, team leaders, careers  and social workers in the area of family violence, child protection and family solutions, we have a solid talent pool of experienced specialists in this high demand area. Please contact us if you need people with these skills and experience, we can help you find the right people. Click Here to see our video.

Perm Jobs

  • Client Account Services Team Leader
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • In-House Legal Executive Assistant
  • Litigation Paralegal
  • Litigation Support Professional
  • Member Support Officer (Part-Time)
  • Member Support Officers (Full-Time)
  • On-Boarding Officer (12 Month Contract)
  • Payroll Officer
  • Service & Support Specialist
  • Team Assistant

And more…..

A word from our temp desk

Over the years, our affinity with the NFP sector has grown and flourished; we are regularly contacted by talented candidates looking to break into the third sector. If you could use interim support where you work, get in touch with Samantha about temps today.

Susie Rogers

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