Holding Out For A Shero

Every now and then I come across an article that really gets my attention. ‘Companies with women in leadership roles crush the competition’ from Business Insider is one such article. It tackled the importance of gender diversity in corporate leadership. Despite the evidence of studies showing the positive change in having more women in executive positions, and how this leads to better performance, “the percentage of women in leadership roles is still frustratingly low, and it isn’t changing.”

This got me thinking. How do we get to the point where this will change?  Could Millennials be our best bet in changing this? Forbes 5x Lessons In Leadership From The Modern Millennial Women gives a further insight into the minds of millennial women in leadership roles and their approach to achieving professional success. It shines a light on a new wave of women in leadership roles known as a “shero”; women who embrace the idea that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life to achieve success in your career.

So what qualities do these millennials possess?

  1. Know The Difference Between Yes And No
  2. Prioritize Your Self Care
  3. Be Ambitious
  4. Be Secure In Your Value
  5. Lead With Your Heart

I needed to know more and found Eight Leadership Lessons From The Worlds Most Powerful Women,  which funnily enough reminded me of some of the most infamous ‘power’ women to populate our screens. Have you ever noticed how the most notorious female Disney villians happen to possess the same qualities as the world’s most powerful real-life women? How is it that their best qualities have been overlooked?

Stay Determined     

When Maleficent set out her plan to achieve, she gave herself 16 years to be exact…she was in it for the long haul and didn’t rest on overnight success. Have a plan and have a back-up plan. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to and having a contingency plan is an inevitable part of success.

Self-titled “Mistress of All Evil” who doesn’t take well to being missed off the guest list.

Be Courageous  

Persuasive and outcome focused, Ursula only enters business deals or exchanges where she’s sure she has plenty to gain (and often… very little to lose). She’s a savvy negotiator and unafraid of burning bridges to get what she wants.

Naive interns steer clear… but if you’re clear of your goals Ursula might be the person to help you reach them regardless of the obstacles.

Take Calculated Risks  

Though her motivations are questionable, you can’t deny that Lady Tremaine knows how to utilise the skills of her workforce. She’s certainly a hard taskmaster… but she’s also a courageous risk taker and certainly someone who lives by the motto ‘fake it until you make it’. Her grim determination to generate success for her useless daughters is to be admired.

She’s climbing the ladder as quickly as she can and she doesn’t care who she steps on to get there.


Remain Disciplined

The Evil Queen is an iconic Disney villain who’s managed to work her way into the Royal family. The Evil Queen is the ultimate delegator… if by delegation you mean bringing back a heart in a box.

When her initial strategy doesn’t go to plan it turns out she’s pretty adaptable (literally) and she transforms herself to lure Snow White into a questionable scheme…




Think Bigger     

Don’t settle. PETA code of ethics aside… Cruella is the ultimate entrepreneur and is not deterred by risks that might stand in the way of a new business venture… or spotted fur coat. She knows what she wants and she’s not going to back down until she gets it.

Regardless of her impressive ambition and drive… we’re not sure we can forgive her plans of turning puppies into Prada.





By Jenny McKenna,  Rusher Rogers 

If it takes your fancy, you can peruse more of our musings here.


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