Digital Fundraisers…Do We Believe All The Hype? | Weekly Wrap Up

FACT: Tech savvy fundraisers are in high demand.

But what exactly is a digital fundraiser and do you actually need one? Isn’t it just generating revenue through digital channels? And is there such a thing as tech savvy people who get fundraising?


Is digital just the latest shiny new thing? Is there is substance behind the demand for digital fundraisers? Could this just be a distraction or is this the direction fundraising needs to take? So many questions and if you go online in search of the answers there are so many different opinions……

If you believe the pundits you may as well give up fundraising now if you do not have a digital presence. Tech is #trending.  Everything from EDMs, crowd funding, being mobile enabled to accurately interpreting your data and social media. Segmenting and analysing has never been more crucial to success in raising revenue or getting a return on your investment.  Having the right online platform and delivery channels is key, as well as having all the bells and whistles around your online presence.  So if you believe the hype, the way to go is digital….but is it?

I was interested in getting to the bottom of this so I went and talked to an expert in the sector and here’s some of what was shared……

There is no doubt that being a tech savvy fundraiser will give you a distinct advantage, but old school fundraising is not dead.  Statistically, those who consistently give are not primarily your tech savvy Gen Y’s or Millennials, but predominantly in the 65’s and over demographic.  A campaign delivered by Australia Post has cut through all the traffic directed at us by using algorithms that decide how we are ‘sold to’ online.  Long term donor retention seems to depend on the tactile experience of receiving something in the mail. Even more so if it has been personalised as it’s a real highlight amongst all the bills and advertising material that appears in the average letter box. The digitally fluent amongst us may respond well to an activity based event like the Colour Run or CEO Sleep Out, but stats show these may be one-off events at best.  Despite their best intentions, any ongoing commitment to giving has to compete with all the other demands made upon a Millennial or Gen Y’s pay packet.

So what does this tell us?

The fundraising strategy of a successful campaign will focus on the generation that is most likely to give consistently and generate the highest return on investment, as opposed to depending on a flash-in-the-pan group. It appears that for the moment focus will stay on attracting the baby boomers and beyond, as fundraisers work towards their ultimate goal of securing a bequest. So while being tech savvy is certainly significant, it cannot be at the expense of a personal connection. The ability to build relationships, tell meaningful and compelling stories and provide opportunities to enable donors to be involved are qualities that can be supported by a digital presence but cannot be replaced by digital alone.

Current Permanent jobs:

  • Audiologist – Perth
  • BDM – Melbourne
  • Channel Manager
  • Children’s Family Violence Case Manager – Mornington
  • Coordinator of Specialist Family Services
  • Direct Specialist – Melbourne
  • Executive Assistant
  • Family Violence Advisor
  • Family Violence Case Manager – Hastings
  • Family Violence Case Manager – Mornington
  • Fundraising Manager – Part time
  • Legal Secretary
  • Manager Family & Youth Services
  • Receptionist
  • Service and Support Specialist
  • Targeted Care Packages Coordinator

A word from our temp desk:

Over the years, our affinity with the NFP sector has grown and flourished; we are regularly contacted by talented candidates looking to break into the third sector, as well as NFPs looking to source unique and capable people for their organisation. With this in mind, this weeks blog is about how candidates can prepare and what can they expect when they decide they’d like to work within the NFP sector.


Until next week…..

Susie Rogers

Rusher Rogers has been recruiting for the Not-For-Profit sector for 21 years. We specialize in all support services, fundraising, marketing communications, HR, finance and QA as well as frontline service delivery, temp, perm or contract.

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