A Year in Review | Weekly Wrap Up

RRHR’s weekly wrap-up report on what’s happening in the world of RRHR, our clients, our candidates and the recruitment market. A Year in Review With 2018 all but over this year has moved at a cracking pace for all of us. Our Rusher Rogers year saw us settling in to our new digs on the […]

Women in Business | Weekly Wrap-Up

A big thank you goes out to Angie Bui of VicSuper for her invitation to Business Week 2018 and the Women in Business series luncheon and expo. We got to listen to the inspirational high achiever, Nova Peris OAM and walked away with the clear message that anything is possible when you put your mind […]

Referee Relationships Matter | Weekly Wrap-Up

Being in recruitment we get asked a myriad of questions about how people can better manage their careers. Everything from tips for a better resume, to how to prepare for an interview, apply for a job, prepare for key selection criteria and so on and so forth. All are important but in my experience references, […]

The Importance of Timely Feedback

A lot of people forget don’t they?  They forget what it’s like to be looking for a job.  They forget how vulnerable you feel when your every move is being analysed by potential employers.  You are on show, you cannot afford to make a wrong move, you are putting on your best show, all-day-every- day, […]


          If you’ve experienced dating this century, particularly via the modern technology at our fingertips, chances are you know all about ‘ghosting’. With my swiping days far behind me, I thought my days of ghosting were over. Apparently not! Turns out, ghosting is rife in the recruitment industry and it gives […]

Doing reference checks? Do it right.

When conducting reference checks to finalise a role within an organisation, it is important that organisations understand what their legal obligations are, as failure to do so can be very expensive. Interviewing and spending time with a candidate is vitally important. But conducting a thorough reference-checking process is also a vital indicator of success/failure when […]

What does it take to make a Successful Placement?

When it comes to recruitment, there is clearly a right and a wrong way to make a placement. Success comes down to control of the process, together with open, honest communication and understanding. It needs a relationship of trust and commitment between all parties: employer, candidate and recruiter. This sounds really straight forward, so why […]

Reference Checking Alarm Bells

I recently facilitated a panel session regarding recruitment, at the AuSAE Conference in Sydney. The panel had first class experts and the interactive session was very revealing. In particular, around the lack of understanding about the hiring managers obligations around the process of conducting reference checks. Given the general lack of knowledge in this area […]