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I read a very interesting article in last weekend’s Age Newspaper by Nigel Gladstone and Linda Morris. It primarily dealt with an increasingly and alarming dilemma that many women find themselves facing after their personal circumstances have changed. That is, the essential need to find secure and ongoing employment at a time that many may be considering retirement. Women are leading the charge back into the workforce to bridge their superannuation shortfall.

Retirement is not necessarily an option for many as this article points out with superannuation savings some 37% below that of their male counterparts within the age group of 55-64 year olds.  Interestingly women between 65 – 74 returning to, or staying in work has doubled in a decade.  For men this category the rate of increase has been at a much lower rate.  Alarmingly many women will be ‘staring poverty in the face’, according to Melbourne University’s Professor Gaze.

But we didn’t need a professor to tell us this.  We are exposed to this new reality that many women of a certain age face, daily.  We receive a broad range of applicants and work related enquiries from all age groups but increasingly we are witnessing the impact of changed financial circumstances for women, meaning that needing to secure long term employment is essential not just a nice to have option.  We often see a lack of confidence and particularly a tech skills shortfall in this group as the world of employment and the new skills demand of an ever evolving workplace have moved on significantly by the time many women need to return to the workforce after taking time out to raise a family.

I count my blessings in that I personally have always worked while bringing up two amazing daughters.  I know that if I was removed from my current role for as little as 12 months – 2 years I would really struggle with the pace of change that would have occurred during that time, let alone up to 10 years plus out of the workforce.

We are really keen to run a series of ‘work ready’ workshops that may go some small way towards assisting people (men and women) understand what skills they need and how to go about securing employment.  We are currently investigating, researching and developing what will hopefully be a practical and useful program to assist this cohort amongst others, so watch this space for 2019!

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A Word From The Temp Desk

First week of Day Light Savings is kicking off and it always makes me feel more energised and ready to start making plans for the busy November/December period.  It is when businesses start to plan their Christmas functions and what temps they will need over the long holiday period. It is a perfect time to get ahead of other businesses in booking the best temp professionals available over this time. And of course we have some of the best temp professionals available who have been interviewed by one of our Consultants, skill proficiency tested, working rights verified and fully referenced and temp assignment ready. Tick the Christmas coverage off your list and call Rusher Rogers today.

Mirleen Chinnery

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