Are you worried about Psychometric Testing?

There is a definite need for new and creative methods of recruitment in order to solve many of the pressing problems that we face on a day-to-day basis as recruiters. Let’s talk about Psychometric testing as being one of these ‘problems’.

Psychometric tests are a specific set of testing used to assess a candidate’s behavioural qualities and emotional intelligence which can ‘predict’ how successful the candidate will be in their new role and how they will fit into the culture of the organisation.

Psychometric testing can be controversial and some job applicants do not agree that the results of these tests correctly reflect their suitability for the job, ability to do the job or their personality traits. Nonetheless, Psychometric testing has undergone extensive internationally accepted, scientific critical examination by qualified psychologists, and is specifically tailored to meet business objectives and mitigate risk exposure and is designed to be unbiased and impartial. This is achieved by using a standard method of assessment so that all candidates are presented with the same questions and instructions for completing them.

While candidates may not always agree with the outcome of such tests, with proper preparation and guidance, you can improve your performance in Psychometric tests.


  • The tests are intended so that only up to 2% candidates can answer all questions correctly and within the time limit.
  • Every question in the psychometric tests is worth the same number of marks.
  • The more tricky questions tend to be towards the end.
  • If time allow, go back and re-check all answers. Do not ‘finish’ the test if you still have time left. Use this leftover time wisely, you may have made a simple and easily corrected mistake that you otherwise would not have noticed had you not checked.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, take a GUESS. Most test-takers waste more than a third of their time bogged down on tough questions. You have to learn how to guess, move on, and cut your losses after spending more than a few minutes on a question.
  • Be consistent when responding to questions in the Personality test.
  • Practice! Aptitude tests are not as easy and straight forward as one might think and often catch candidates off guard. Proper preparation and practice is key.
  • Take breaks. While you can opt to take all five tests in one sitting, it is recommended that you take a break between each test to avoid fatigue and stay focused.

If you are in the middle of your job search and are required to complete one of these tests, the Institute of Psychometric Coaching is a great website to assist with preparation for Aptitude, Personality and Psychometric testing.

Good luck!

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