An Action Packed Week | Weekly Wrap Up

An action packed week that began with the Federal Budget on Tuesday night, massive street protests disrupting Melbourne’s CBD demanding an increase to the minimum wage amongst other issues, ending the week with an apocalyptic weather forecast putting a definitive end to the sublime autumnal weather that has kept on giving.

Squeezed into all of this was a refresher seminar on employment terminations, the good, the bad and the ugly. What bubbled to the top with this update was the need for open communication and common sense. Remembering that exiting employees respectively and with dignity has just as much impact on an organisations brand as all the effort that is put into hiring people at the beginning of an employment relationship.

This reminded me of a conversation that I had with a former operations manager of a well-known and high profile publically listed company in the recruitment sector.  She had recently resigned to pursue a new and exciting path as a board member but was proud to join the long list of alumni who had been employed by this successful organisation.  She had now joined their alumni all of whom meet regularly, formerly, some of whom had been a part of this elite gathering for 10 years!  Impressive hey? This was not a gathering for haters, to whinge or moan about their experience but to celebrate a great shared experience , all appreciating their good fortune to have journeyed through that organisation and when the time was right, take up their next opportunity all the better, more experienced, developed and skilled.  Sounds fanciful doesn’t it, but it gets better…. their former organisation not only encouraged this but they contributed towards it.  I thought WOW, a truly evolved organisation that manages their employees experience end to end steeped in positivity and needless to say building a strong and positive brand way beyond the tenure of these individuals.  This is food for thought and something that perhaps we all should to aspire to.

Susie Rogers

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A word from our temp desk

“Jacket of all trades”

Often you will not know the dress code or style guide for your new temp assignment which could be starting as soon as TODAY…

You may have just received a call from your friendly recruitment consultant asking if you can cover reception in as little as one hours’ time or helping the accounts department with the upcoming payroll scheduled for tomorrow, or even assisting with an event… because the coordinator has called in sick and guess what, the client has the event scheduled for TODAY!!

You think aaaggghhh but “what is the dress code?”  How do I get that professional look at a moment’s notice?  Well the answer is simple – wear a Jacket!!!  You cannot go wrong… If you arrive and the Jacket is too dressy you can always take if off but you will never be underdressed in a Jacket. This way you are neither overdressed nor underdressed – Keep a Jacket handy for all occasions.

Mirleen Chinnery

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