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AI is increasingly creeping into our everyday experience and this is certainly the case in recruitment. Clever technology is slowly replacing what was a function formerly completed by a person. Typically this tech is replacing what has been volume, basic, repetitive and time consuming tasks but a necessary and perhaps initial part of a process.  I remember being at a high profile restaurant not that long ago,  and when I posted this fact on social media together with the restaurant’s hashtag,  I was delighted to get a ‘personal’ text from Robert DeNiro… the Bot version sadly.  So AI is integral to our day-to-day activity, sometimes without us realising it.

AI has arrived in the recruitment sector as well and is particularly useful when faced with a high volume bulk recruitment exercise for obvious reasons, but what if it goes wrong?  What if this tech is screening out the wrong applicants?  What if the AI tech has a bias? This is exactly what happened to Amazon. Their AI screening product was scrapped because it had developed a bias against women and subsequently screened them out!!

So not a perfect science just yet. We will stick with good old-fashioned screening for the moment, the one where you get to talk to a real person

A big thank you to Luke, Angie and the VicSuper team who generously invited us to join them at the APSCo Gala last week…needless to say it was an action packed evening in recognition of an industry sector that continues to flourish.  The exceptional were officially recognised and awarded for all of their hard work. Congratulations to all and we look forward to next year’s event with great enthusiasm.

Podcast of the Week:

A mini 60 second one from Greg Savage

Until next week,

Susie Rogers

Monthly Blog:

If you haven’t already read our monthly blog, read it here. The RR consultants have put together some useful interview insights to help candidates put their best foot forward when going through the interview process.

Current Permanent Roles:

  • Generalist HR Manager (Mat Leave Contract)
  • Senior HR Business Partner (6 Month Contract)
  • Part Time Fundraising Bequests
  • Family Violence Team Leader
  • Various Family Violence Roles
  • Major Donor Manager
  • Business Development Managers (QLD) x3
  • Administrator
  • Bookkeeper

A Word from the Temp Desk:

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people we have had enquiring about temp professional positions. It is great to receive such a broad range of people who embody a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and abilities. With Christmas fast approaching we are in the process of building our Active Temp List to cater for the temp positions we are forecasting to receive around the Christmas period.

Last week Susie and I went out on multiple client visits meeting with new HR and other Department Managers within our varied client portfolio. This has been a great learning exercise for me to pick up and understand the working culture of each of these valued clients in order for me to identify the ‘perfect temp professional’ and to make sure we are placing the right temp professionals in the right working environments.

To reiterate what Mirleen discussed previously, our temps are some of the best is the market. Last week we had some last-minute temp professional positions we were required to fill, we had temps left right and centre who were ready to put their best foot forward last minute and step into the role. Our temps are reliable, available and committed.

Matilda Hubbard

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