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The importance of accepting decisions especially if they are negative, with grace, has really resonated with me this week. Accepting decisions and learning from that experience is a real skill and not easy when you weren’t expecting a different outcome or disagree with the decision.  So what can you do to make the best of it?  Take the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience is the best advise that I can give and advice that I sometimes have to remind myself of too.

One of the most difficult things to do as a recruiter is to deliver news that a candidate has missed out on a role.  It’s never easy as you know what the impact will be for that person. That’s why good quality and comprehensive feedback is important to get if you can, but that is not always forthcoming as the decision between candidates can be as arbitrary as being based on a ‘gut’ instinct when you have to choose between two ‘gun’ candidates.  This is almost harder to hear that than a solid and distinctive reason. It can be such a vulnerable time for a candidate, so empathy, encouragement to get back up on that horse and try again is really important and something that I hope professionals in our industry never loose sight of.

We have closed off quite a few long term roles this week and have brought in a raft of new positions as the year continues to gain momentum including:

  • Front Desk Receptionist for major law firm
  • HRBP for high profile university faculty
  • BDM for renown management training institute
  • 2 On-boarding roles for high growth tech giant
  • 2 Digital marketing roles
  • Team assistant for tech co
  • 2 legal specialists (Adelaide & Hong Kong)
  • Service and support specialist for health tech venture
  • On-boarding Team Leader for tech co
  • And more….

Temp has picked up significantly this week with a call out to all reliable multi skilled temp professionals to register for work.  For those community service organizations with a need for experienced case managers particularly in the area of Family Violence and family support, we have an established pool of candidates keen to find their ideal role, so please contact us.

A word from our temp desk:
Over the years, our affinity with the NFP sector has grown and flourished; we are regularly contacted by talented candidates looking to break into the third sector. If you could use interim support where you work, get in touch with Samantha about temps today.

Susie Rogers


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