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A Year in Review

With 2018 all but over this year has moved at a cracking pace for all of us. Our Rusher Rogers year saw us settling in to our new digs on the corner of Elizabeth and Little Collins which now feels like our real home. I am left wondering why we hadn’t made the move into the CBD sooner.  So much more convenient for catching up with both candidates and the vast majority of our city-based clients. The team either walk or PT it to work with no more peak hour traffic woes, for a far more pleasant daily commute.

Both Mirleen and Matilda joined the RR team this year with some short-term assistance from Shiani. Claudia reverted to part-time while she continues full time study and Dawn retired after almost 7 years, making way for our newest team member, Sally Heslop as our bookkeeper.

We hosted 6 CTC events throughout the year, the popularity of which (as informed by the feedback we get from attendees), continues to grow.  After finally settling on another new regular venue, The Barre, next year we will aim for at least 8 of these small networking events with the first kicking off in February. Please let us know if you wish to add your name to the list for 2019. These events are tailored around the attendees and designed for guests to make meaningful worthwhile professional connections.

2018 was another strong year for permanent recruitment. Overwhelmingly HR roles featured large from HR admin support though to senior People and Culture leadership roles. Much of the demand was driven by organisational growth in order to meet the demands of a growing workforce and the appreciation of the importance of having good HR strategy and delivery. Our service offering remains broad despite this years HR concentration with broad communications and marketing roles, support specialists, finance, fundraising specialists, client service and sales support roles as well as client service delivery roles.  It has been the year of the unicorn, a phrase originally coined by Claudia and experienced by us all though out this year more than ever.  Our collective superpower is our ability to find that ‘needle in a haystack’ for our clients and the perfect role for our candidates, wherever possible.

Our business mix has seen steady growth in the NFP sector, (Community, Charity, International Aid, Social Justice, Disability, Family Services, Family Violence etal), as it continues to expand. Our broad portfolio of clients has also seen growth for several start-up and high growth ventures where the challenge can be identifying candidates who thrive in environments where change is the one constant. Last, but by no means least, are our highly valued long standing and loyal mainstream corporate clients. This revered and eclectic group fall across legal, general commercial, building and construction and airline sectors. RR’s one constant and success factor is an absolute commitment to good, solid, honest partnership relationships. Recruitment is our passion.

We have also invested heavily in upgrading our temporary and contracting practice. Processes have been fine tuned and streamlined. The bar has been raised, in order that our clients can trust in the temporary professionals provided by Matilda and the temp team. With the expert guidance of Mirleen, we have a ready and waiting stable of elite temp professionals who are tried, tested and ready for work at a moment’s notice as this element of RR’s service offering continues to grow to meet the demands of a shifting economy.

So all-in-all a massive year, a positive year, a year of fine tuning, a year of raising the bar as we strive towards best practice recruitment service delivery.  What does 2019 hold? I will let you know next week!

We are excited about sharing 2019 with you all. Happy New Year!


Executive Assistant: https://lnkd.in/gtw2vHV

Senior Bookkeeper: https://lnkd.in/gzQgesi

HR Business Partner (6 Month Contract): https://lnkd.in/gtmZ5rB

Client Services Administrator: https://lnkd.in/gnMbDYG

HR Business Partner: https://lnkd.in/gxkqaEN

Major Donor Manager: https://lnkd.in/gabgpAY

A word from the temp desk

To go with the theme ‘a year in review’, I would like to reflect back on the last six months of running the temp desk at rusher rogers.

It has been a crazy roller coaster of a year meeting all our temp professionals, finding out who they are and what they are interested in and placing them in roles. Every temp professional is different, we have had some do short time assignment, some do long term assignments and all a diverse range of roles.

I would like to say a big thank-you to all our working and active temp professionals this year, without your commitment and hard work our temp desk would not run as smoothly as it does every day.

2018 has taught the rusher rogers temp team a lot this year, we have learnt how best to run our temp desk, so we can make it bigger and better in 2019!

We hope 2019 brings bigger and better things for all our temp professionals.

By Matilda Hubbard 


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