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We take ownership of your permanent recruitment process to constantly deliver high performing employees for your business.

 Providing comprehensive high quality recruiting and HR services to the Non Profit sector since 2004

Finding and providing high performing short and long term temporary and contract employees to meet the ever changing needs of your business.

Providing a full range of HR services to help you get the highest performance from your existing employees.



Make sure you are attracting the best possible talent. When you get this free eBook, “Effective Ways to Find and Hire People”, some of the things you will discover are

  • That you need to have your own company in order to attract the best
  • That your own organisation’s website could be driving away potential top employees?
  • Whether Social Media is important in finding and attracting the passive talent
  • How to look beyond the resume – Evidence not opinion
  • That reference checks should be done properly to verify the truth and avoid litigation
  • And more.

 Click here now for the free eBook: “Effective Ways to Find and Hire the Best People”

Ask any manager or human resource manager and the hands-down most-hated job is firing someone. It doesn’t matter how bad the behaviour, or how justified your action – as soon as you need to fire someone your palms start to sweat and you get butterflies.

So what do you do? Here are 15 firing tips on how to let someone go respectfully. They won’t make the task any easier for you, but they will make a difference for the person on the receiving end.

Click here now for the free eBook: “How to Let Someone Go Respectfully”


 A Better Way to Recruit

The Ideal Workforce


If you are a business owner, leader of people or HR manager you need to see this video

And then start here by making sure you are attracting the best possible talent. Click here now for the free eBook:  “Effective Ways to Find and Hire the Best People”

They do say “It’s the people that make an organisation” and leaders always say “ We value our people and ensure that our workforce is happy, efficient and productive”. Quite often this is management paying lip service to an underlying and persistent problem that they do not know how to solve.

Do you really know that you are doing your best in the following areas?

What do the best people for your success look like? 

Are you building the right culture for sustainable success?

What does your social media profile say about you?

Where are the stars and why will they work for you?

Do your Policies and Compliance systems assist growth and minimise litigation?

Do your Managers lead, not just manage?

Are you giving your people a future they care about?

Do you know why people leave you?

Are you interested in changing the status quo?

Unless you lead your teams to deliver the best outcomes for your business or organisation you can be assured that they will default to below average and may even become a disruptive or even catastrophic influence on your success.

Start by making sure you are attracting the best possible talent. Click here now for the free eBook: “Effective Ways to Find and Hire the Best People”

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At Rusher Rogers HR Solutions, we value jobseekers seeking for jobs. Whether you’re locating in a certain area, classifying job types or trying to determine salary range, we have what you need. All of these are made easier for you.

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